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Co-Owner | CrossFit L1 Trainer


Danielle comes from a mutli-sport background with a drive for entrepreneurship that has been instilled since a young age. After completing her studies in Marketing and Advertising (Georgian College), along with a background in photography, she ventured into the CrossFit world. Danielle is a CrossFit L1 Trainer who recently began pursuing her Spin Certifications. Along with training individuals with special needs in the gym setting, Danielle created Anchor Athletics and Anchor Bootcamp programs to provide independent spaces for both youth and women, to reach their respective health and fitness goals. She is motivated to work with individuals of all capabilities, and has a special passion for working with beginners.


Co-Owner | Doctor of Chiropractic | CrossFit L1 Trainer

Alli is a passionate chiropractor and coach with a background in varsity-level basketball and cross-country at Wilfrid Laurier University. After completing her undergraduate studies in Kinesiology, and a graduate diploma in sports business management, she obtained her doctor of chiropractic at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Fitness and well-being have always been a large focus for Alli, having worked as a personal trainer and running her own bootcamp business before beginning her coaching as a CrossFit L1 Trainer. In addition, she works with nutritional clients to help people reach their health, wellness, and body composition goals. She is looking forward to supporting the community of Keswick through Anchor's holistic approach of fitness, yoga, and nutrition.


Co-Owner | CrossFit L1 Trainer



James comes from a successful entrepreneurial background driven by passion. His work-ethic, attention to detail, and passion for helping others led him to the CrossFit world. Where he has found a love for well-being and fitness with a holistic and inclusive view. James has obtained his CrossFit L1 Trainer in pursuit of furthering his ability to help others with their well-being and fitness. James is a motivated individual who desires nothing but to bring the best services, environment, and opportunities in well-being and fitness for the members he works with, the Anchor community he has helped build, along with his friends and family.