Discussing Constipation and the Pelvic Floor

A lot of people with constipation have pelvic floor dysfunction
June 10, 2022
Discussing Constipation and the Pelvic Floor

A lot of people with constipation have pelvic floor dysfunction because there is a link between pelvic health problems and constipation, and understanding this information will help you move on from this problem.

Going to the toilet should never be difficult, so if you struggle in this regard, it can be because of pelvic floor problems. Extra stool in the bowel can put increased pressure on the rest of the pelvic organs, and the straining that happens whenever you try to expel stools can lead to further damage to your pelvic floor muscles and fascia support system. This process can also work in reverse as pelvic floor dysfunction can lead to difficulty emptying your bowels. A nice, flexible pelvic floor that can lengthen and relax is a must for bowel emptying, and if your pelvic floor cannot properly relax or contract, you will experience constipation.

There are a number of causes of constipation, including low fluid intake, poor eating habits, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and a diet that lacks fiber, just to name a few examples. Many people will experience a combination of these factors, which is when constipation occurs, and the good news is that there are things you can do to help your bowels. Simple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference, so start with the following, and if you don’t see any improvements, you should then seek professional help:

Chew Your Food Properly

Meals are often rushed because of our hectic and chaotic schedules, but this is problematic, so be mindful of this aspect. Take the time to eat the right things and chew your food properly because this helps stimulate digestive enzymes and helps with digestion.

Increase The Fibre In Your Diet

Do this gradually and start with fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and whole-grain foods. Leafy green vegetables are also very important because they contain high levels of magnesium, and this can help speed up your bowels. Try to replace white rice with brown and white bread with whole wheat.

Massage Your Abdomen

Certain constipation massage techniques can be really effective, so learn how to massage your abdomen, as this can help the stool pass through your colon.

Go To The Toilet On Time

You should never put off going to the toilet and must respond to your bowels. If you have the urge to go, do your best to visit the toilet right away.

Increase Your Fluid Intake

Drinking lots of hydrating fluids will help with constipation, and water is always best. A poor fluid intake will result in constipation, so always have a bottle of water by your side.

Get Professional Help

Discussing your symptoms with a professional is important because, in some cases, constipation can be an indication of more serious health conditions.

If you’re ready to make changes to your health and would like to improve this aspect, the experts at Anchor Health & Fitness can help. Contact us today for more information!

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