The Anchor fitness recipe offers the ingredients for being in the best shape of your life.

Our goal is to provide you with THE best hour(s) of your day, where you get to apply your fitness through a variety of movements in sweaty, strategic + supportive workouts. Our workouts are designed for the fitness newbie to the competitive athlete, so regardless of your experience level, we have something for you.

We have something for everyone.
Learn about Anchor’s class types:


The fastest way to fit. This is our most popular class, and the results of our members speak for themselves. this beginner level class will help you grow muscle, build endurance, and put your metabolism to work.


Sweat + stretch - our signature class features the best of both worlds. We combine high-intensity training using a variety of modalities including kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, rowers and bikes, with restorative stretching.


Open to any level of practice, our flow class is all about connecting movements with breath + linking each pose to create a seamless sequence and practise.


These specialty classes are aimed at working specific muscle groups in the comfort of ANCHOR’s yoga studio. Join experienced + educated instructors as they lead you through a sweaty & targeted 40 minute workout, followed by 10 minutes of restorative stretching and breathwork.


A 45-minute beat bumping’, heart pounding sweat experience. Fast sprints, heavy hills and interval training all set to a perfectly curated playlist.


This class integrates 40 minutes of body weight interval training, followed 20 minutes of restorative stretching. Great music + great vibe = the best hour of your day.


Fitness membership holders have access to our gym to work on additional programming.


In this post partum course you’ll work to rehab & restore your core & pelvic floor muscles after baby. Work with post partum body expert, Dr. Alli Cain in this important component of your post partum period. Next Session Starts September 3rd.

Membership Pricing

YOGA | Includes: Flow, Booty Flow, Core Flow & Studio/Blend | Starting at $99/month

YOGAFIT | Includes: Flow, Booty Flow, Core Flow, Studio/Blend & House/Blend | Starting at $119/month
CROSSFIT | Includes: CrossFit & House/Blend | Starting at $165/month
ALL-IN | Includes: All class types, excluding Ride | Starting at $215/month

SPECIAL INTRO OFFER - 2 weeks for $25.00
(*Hst applies to Anchor prices)

In town visiting? We’d love to workout or flow with you!

Anyone is welcome to drop into our classes. Grab a single class pass and we’ll see you at ANCHOR.
(Note: We ask that you have 6 months of experience in order to drop in for CrossFit.)


Building on strength. Building on movement. Building on comm[unity].