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Co-Owner | CrossFit L1 Trainer | Diploma in Marketing & Advertising Communications

Danielle has a special passion for working with beginners, specifically those new to the CrossFit world. Danielle's passion for helping individuals find space in a gym setting have led her to create Anchor Athletics, a program for youth aged 10-14 introducing them to CrossFit and wellbeing, along with Anchor Bootcamp, a women's only program created for women looking to jump start their well-being journeys. 



Transformational Specialist & Head Personal Trainer | CrossFit L1 Trainer | Bachelor of Science in Sport Science Coaching

Simon works with clients across the world as a "Transformational Specialist" helping people to develop the right exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to transform the way they look and feel. Simon brings 7+ years of experience as a school teacher and an internationally qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach, in addition to his CrossFit L1 certification. 

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CrossFit L1 Trainer | Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Colin comes from a high competitive hockey background, having completed four-years at the University of Guelph and being apart of a CIS National Championship team. He has been a CrossFit L1 Trainer for 4+ years utilizing both his hockey training knowledge and passion for coaching.


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CrossFit L1 Trainer | BSc. in Human Kinetics, Masters of Science in Physiotherapy 

Jason comes from a  kinesiology and physiotherapy background with a strong understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics. He applies his knowledge through his coaching with a strong focus on mobility, injury prevention, and sport therapy. Having completed his CrossFit L1 Trainer certification, Jason is interested in pursuing further education from both a CrossFit and Clinical perspective.



CrossFit L1 Trainer

Barb works with many of the Anchor athletes and Keswick community members through Anchor's very own Run Club. Her running background includes multiple 5km, 10km, half-marathons, and biathlons.  Barb uses her personal running experience and love of coaching to help individuals of all levels increase their running knowledge, develop better running patterns, and work towards their running goals. In addition, Barb coaches Anchor Metcon classes designed to improve your conditioning.