Author: Aimee Marples, Classical Homeopath


Happy March! 

We are almost into the beautiful spring weather!
Generally, at the change of seasons, I see colds that turn into lingering coughs.
Below I will discuss 3 wonderful cough remedies, as this is the stage most people are in right now, but be mindful that the sooner we interject an illness with homeopathy, the easier your illness will be.
There are thousands of remedies, and looking below, they all work in different ways.
DOSING: It is always best to start at a lower potency-30C, giving 2 pellets every 4-6 hours as needed.  Continue this dosing until symptoms lessen or disappear, decreasing the dosing as the cough gets better.
It is very important to note that if there is NO improvement after 3 doses of a remedy, it is not the right remedy.

SPONGIA TOSTA (toasted sea sponge)

  • This is one of my number one dry cough remedies

  • if your cough is wet, it is probably not Spongia

  • Classic dry, hacking, barking cough (short barking – like a Seal)

  • can also be a rasping cough

  • Croup is a classic example

  • Suffocative (like Whooping cough)

  • Burning in the throat, larynx and chest with each cough

  • Irritation or tickling in the larynx

  • Worse talking, worse laughing (most worse talking are worse laughing)

  • Worse midnight

  • Worse lying flat (but most are)

  • Better sitting up or bending forward

  • Better for cough drops (because it’s a dry cough)

  • Better eating and drinking

  • Worse morning, sleeps into the aggravation

  • It will likely show up with colds that descend

  • Cold/chilly picture

DROSERA (Round-leaved Sundew)

  • This remedy has a big affinity for the cough reflex

  • Many homeopathic cough syrups are made with Drosera

  • violent, deep, hollow, barking, suffocative

  • looks a lot like Spongia, but more paroxysmal (violent coughing attack)

  • Irritated airways with tickling and dryness in the throat

  • Can have retching and vomiting with the cough

  • Very painful cough

  • Person can hold their chest when coughing, it is that painful

  • Worse night

  • Worse lying at night-“as soon as his head hits the pillow” (may be better lying down in the day)

  • Worse eating and drinking

  • Better: sitting up, walking slowly and open air

 HEPAR SULPHURIS (hepar sulphuris calcareum)

  • For dry cough and wet cough

  • Productive cough with thick, yellow mucous

  • Also, dry and croupy sounding cough

  • Can have a sore throat (like splinters in throat)

  • Loose rattling (lots of mucous)

  • Difficult expectoration

  • Very chilly and over sensitive (to cold, to pain, to people talking or bothering him)

  • Worse cold (very strong modality)

  • Worse uncovering or slightest draft

  • Worse as morning approaches (unpleasant sleep)

  • Worse cold drink or food

  • Worse lying down

  • Better warmth

  • Better sitting up

  • Better head back or bending back

  • Better for moist air