Your period is more than just a period. When you’re healthy, your menstrual cycle will arrive regularly and without symptoms. If something is off in your body, you’re cycle will also be off. Your period is an expression of your underlying health.

In 2015 the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists started “By including an evaluation of the menstrual cycle as an additional vital sign, clinicians reinforce its importance in assessing overall health status for patients”

YET, I can’t tell you how frequently I see patients who’s irregular or severely painful periods are just written off. They’re handed birth control or pain killers or both. They continue to have 1-2 weeks of their month feeling brutal due to menstrual symptoms. This isn’t normal & it’s not ok.

It gets more infuriating. 9/10 women experience PMS. 19% of men experience erectile dysfunction. Scientific studies on ED outnumber PMS research FIVE to ONE!

Fewer grants are given to research in PMS—despite documentation of over 150 symptoms & inadequate treatment options.

And you can bet no one missed days of work due to ED, yet I frequently see women who are out of commission at least 1 day of the month.

Naturopathic Medicine offers many options for women’s health issues. This is my clinical focus because I cannot believe the gap in healthcare!

I’m ready to see this change, are you?!

Here to help,

Dr. Danielle Waton

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