“I wish you were around when I had a baby” - almost every woman in my practice who are 10, 20, even 30 years post partum.


Many women with undiagnosed diastasis recti, or a dysfunctional pelvic floor are left with stress or urge incontinence and go on to develop chronic low back or pelvic pain, hernias & prolapse — it’s a sequelae of events that more than likely could have been prevented with the proper care + rehab in the post partum period.


You know something isn’t quite right but it’s dismissed as “the inevitable side effect of bearing a child + aging.”


This just simply is not the case— women with older children still greatly benefit from rehabbing a dysfunctional core or pelvic floor the same way new moms can.


You don’t have to continue to suffer and there is hope. There truly is!


I’m switching things up to offer a course for women of all ages to learn:

• what is diastasis recti and how can I correct it?

• is my pelvic floor too tight or too weak?

• what are the proper exercises to improve my core & pelvic floor?

• proper modifications for common exercises.


This workshop is suitable for all ages, from 4 weeks to 40 years postpartum and includes women who have had major abdominal surgeries — c-sections hysterectomy or hernia repair.

(please allow minimum 6 weeks between surgery & this course)


Share this with your mom, your aunt, even your grandmother — we can ALL benefit.


Program runs live 10:30-1, Saturday May 4, 11, 25 at with online trainings taking place Wednesday evenings at 8pm (May 8, 15, 22)


upon registration you’ll receive a link to be added to the private group

I’m looking forward to working with you

Dr. Allison Cain Winberg

Owner & Chiropractor

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