I spend so many hours every single week with women discussing pain complaints or discomfort that arose after they had their babies.

In many cases, everything could have been completely avoided had they had the access to the proper information about rehabilitating their core and pelvic floor after birth.

But the wonderful thing about our bodies is they are brilliant, and healing can always happen.

There are plenty of things that can still be done to improve your pain & function and stop things from worsening even if you’re 25 years post partum.

Yes! You can still improve stress or urge incontinence, reduce or resolve back or pelvic pain and improve your core strength among so much else.

have you ever experienced low back pain? hip, or pelvic pain?
do you feel like your core is ‘weak’?
do you have any current injuries?
do you want more information to prevent injury?
if you answered YES to any of the above — this workshop is for you!
“FIX YOUR CORE” is our next clinic/gym workshop geared towards you + your midsection
dates: sunday may 5, 12, 19
time: 11:30-1pm
where: ANCHOR studio
cost: $150 up front and you will receive a receipt after each session that you can submit to your insurance to be reimbursed
**please note in order to receive a receipt to submit to your insurance — you MUST be a current patient or have an assessment done by our chiropractor, Dr. Allison Cain prior to attending the workshop.
this allows us to cater the exercises to your specific condition as necessary**

Share this with your BFF, your colleagues, your mom, your aunt, even your grandmother — we can ALL benefit.

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