Non - animal sources of protein

adapted from mind shift macros

read time: 2:00

I know that chicken, turkey & beef are some of peoples favourite sources to use to fill their protein target, but there are plenty of plant-based protein sources as well.

As people turn to more earth-friendly and body-friendly ways to live their life, they are led to the wonderful effects of adopting a plant-based diet.

Here are some of my favourites:

  • green peas

  • quinoa

  • beans + lentils + chickpeas

  • nuts + nut butters

  • tofu + tempeh

  • edamame

  • hemp

  • buckwheat

  • chia

when adding these in to your daily diet, be mindful that they contain carbohydrates and fats - so make sure you account for those!

Dr. Alli Cain

Dr. Alli is co-owner + chiropractor at ANCHOR | your home of health in Georgina, ON. She takes a holistic approach to health; pairing manual hands on therapy with physical fitness + proper nutrition to step into the best version of yourself. Booking is available here.

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