Here's The Truth About Nutrition


Here's the truth:

Nutrition programs, nutrition coaches, taking supplements or purchasing products is not what changes your nutrition, or changes your life. 

Being involved in the process,  shifting your mindset and subsequently your behaviour + habits is what determines your level of success and how long it lasts. 

  • eating healthy foods does not necessarily lead to fat loss. if your caloric intake surpasses your caloric expenditure (even if it's broccoli!)  you will still store the excess as fat.

  • bodyweight can fluctuate up and down daily making it not the best tool to gauge your progress. BW is only one data point. use multiple variable to track progress including: body measurements, how clothes fit, progress pictures, energy levels, sleep quality and your mindset. At Anchor we like to use the InBody Scanner which is a top of the line piece of equipment that less us your hydration, body fat lbs, and lbs of mass.

  •  a caloric deficit is needed to drop overall mass.

  • however, most often it’s fat that we want to lose and not just weight - meaning we need a program that is more specific.

  • weekends count too! 2 days of overindulgence can undo 5 days of nutrition compliance.

  • one slice of pizza won't undo all of your progress.

  • one piece of  celery won't make you "healthy."

  • there are no magic fat loss foods. incorporating a variety of foods into your diet (including "junk food" in moderation) will still allow you to be successful. There is no healthy in isolation.

  • signing up for a program does not automatically mean you'll be successful. YOU have to do the work.

  • sustainability trumps speed when it comes to changing your body composition. zfaster results are not always better as they can be fleeting.

  • finding a way of eating that fits your lifestyle is the best way to maintain results.

-Dr. Alli Cain

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