Coach Simon's Top 3 Nutrition Tips for CrossFit Athletes


Coach Simon’s Top 3 Nutrition Tips for CrossFit Athletes

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Know your numbers

To be the most successful with your nutrition goals, you need to be in the know.

Know your:

+ calorie requirements

+ macronutrient numbers

+ anthropomorphic measurements (body numbers)

If you don’t know any of these numbers, how could you possibly know if you’re being successful or not?

Portion Control is King

If you did nothing else, this would be the most important thing you can do to best fuel your body.

A lot of us suffer from “don’t let food go to waste syndrome” where we eat everything that’s available in our kitchen, or the leftovers on our kids plate. The solution? Get yourself some really nice Tupperware and there is lunch tomorrow. (Bonus: you’ll save money!)


The main component of CrossFit is strength, and to support your strength development and the repair that is necessary after a workout you need to have an ample source of protein at every meal. You may have your protein staples like chicken, turkey, beef or even protein shakes. But you can get protein from other sources as well such as: lentils, beans, hempseed, green peas and more.

- Coach Simon

Coach Simon is ANCHOR’s head personal trainer & resident nutrition expert. He’s been the catalyst for 100s of physical transformations around the world. But even more important - he leads people to building healthy nutrition habits they can sustain for life. He's the person you need to push you forward towards your goals with his evidence-based nutrition program.

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