Barb Cain

Barb Cain



From 2006 to 2015 completed 8 half marathons and 2 full marathons.

Began doing CrossFit in 2013.

Obtained CrossFit Level 1 Certification 2015.

Created and began coaching the Anchor Masters 55+ Fitness Program in 2018.

Coached several Anchor Run Clinics.

About Coach

I began running at 48 and got serious about it pretty quickly. I had some terrific running coaches that taught me so much and motivated me to keep striving and learning. I was doing some cross-training but it wasn't until my oldest daughter became a co-owner in a CrossFit gym in 2013 that I truly became motivated to challenge my athletic abilities.

Turning Point

From the age of 29 to 49, I suffered monthly from debilitating migraine headaches. On average, I would 'lose' two days a month to a migraine headache. I saw many doctors and was given many medications in hopes of ending the migraines. In 2006, after I had been running for a while and taking more of an interest in my nutrition, I experienced a reduction and then a cessation of the migraines. I don't know the true reason for the end of the migraines, but I decided it must be the physical activity and because being active had no down-side, had given me new-found confidence, increased my knowledge base, and given me a ton of new friends, I didn't stop.

Motivation & Passion

One day, well into my running career, my daughters told me that I was too lean, they were concerned. Their concern was well-founded. Here I was heading into menopause and although I was fit, I didn't have enough muscle to stay strong through the hormone changes that lay ahead. I set about to learn how to change that. That's when weight training and CrossFit became immensely important in my life and I've never looked back. I became impassioned to share my fitness knowledge with both women and men in the 55+ age range.

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