Your weekly fitness plan: 3 scenarios to get the most out of your training

June 10, 2022
Your weekly fitness plan: 3 scenarios to get the most out of your training


When ANCHOR was launched in late 2016, the aim was to provide a complimentary blend of fitness styles, to allow our community to utilize various elements of movement, under expert guidance, to achieve optimal health results. This meant a unique combination of strength & conditioning classes, cardio classes and studio classes which each athlete could combine in a proper weekly “dose” that suited them + their goals.

Movement is medicine, and what we do at ANCHOR is health care in the truest sense… every time you show up for yourself, roll out your mat, hope on your bike or load up your barbell you are caring for and cultivating your health. The people you’ll find at ANCHOR are not waiting for sickness to arrive to get moving, rather they are building the biggest buffer away from sickness as possible by focusing on more than wellness and continually building more and more fitness.

Now, with so many great options to choose from, you may be wondering - what’s the right dose for you?

Here are three different scenarios:

Scenario 1: Strength & Conditioning-focused athlete.

Looking to build lean muscle, increase fitness across the board, learn new skills, continually challenge themselves.

(Total training days 5-7x/week)

With CrossFit as your primary fitness outlet, it’s important to give your body (and your central nervous system) the right recovery tools in between training sessions in order to maximize your performance, and the “gains” you get from each training session. It’s imperative that your Intense training be appropriately paired with proper sleep, nourishment, hydration and active recovery.

Fitness Hack: Adding in an ANCHOR yoga class helps to improve your functional range of motion, allowing you to have better neurological control over your range of motion - thus you’re better able to get under a barbell and hit that PR!

Scenario 2: New athlete looking to get started.
Starting a fitness regimen for the first time ever, or returning after extended time off.

(total training days 3-4x/week)

We have something for everyone and your best bet is to utilize the two-week trial to sample all that we have to offer. Find something that excites + energizes you and start there!

Fitness Hack: The quickest way to burn out, or injury is doing “too much, too soon, too fast.” I love the motivation someone just getting started at ANCHOR has - we want to capitalize on that while still fostering the right dose of fitness to see how the body responds day by day.

Scenario 3: Bodyweight strength & yoga focused athlete.
Low impact movement + unrolling your mat in a soft environment to create time and space to connect movements with breath.

The studio is an inviting and calming environment in which to unroll your mat and stretch, strengthen and spend some time working on you. Our instructors add elements of strengthening into the classes because of the important role having a healthy dose of lean muscle mass on your body plays in your everyday metabolic function, bone density and also warding off age-related muscle mass loss.

Fitness Hack: A dose of intensity can be good for the soul! Adding in a RIDE class 1x/week gets your heart rate up, and a feel-good sweat!

Disclaimer: this is not an exhaustive list, and rather a guide for you to apply to your own training. Reach out to an ANCHOR fitness professional if you’d like some personal guidance!

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