I spent the weekend at a #crossfit course.
June 10, 2022


I spent the weekend at a #crossfit course. I left reaffirmed about how important the work we do at is. It’s more than a workout. It’s your lifelong health.

The average person wants to “be well”

To eat well, sleep well, and maintain their wellness because wellness = healthy, right?

They’re not wrong, but health is so much more than this.

In the sickness— wellness — fitness continuum, we contend that to be well is to be average. It’s the halfway point between sickness and fitness. In other words, we don’t want to strive to be “well,” we strive to be “fit!”

Before I got pregnant, I would have put myself skewed towards the fitness side of the continuum... but in the post partum period where I wasn’t eating, sleeping or moving like I should be, I fell away from being fit. Luckily, because of the buffer I had built for myself I landed within being “well.”

Now imagine if I’d been just “well” before this period — I would have fallen to sickness.

Being in the sickness zone can mean things like feeling fatigued, headaches or even being diagnosed with diabetes or cancer. In my post partum example it can mean things like improper hormone production, or loss of functional movement capacity (ie trouble doing the things were required to do, like squat or put our arms over our head).

While I stand firmly behind #CrossFit being the most effective dose of physical activity to push us towards fitness, quickly — we all have the power to do something RIGHT NOW to move our biomarkers. Get off the couch and ditch a % of the carbs your body doesn’t need. Now, do this consistently.

Only by striving for fitness can we enjoy a high quality of life, and ward off or create a buffer from “sickness.”


- Dr. Alli Cain


Physio Keswick


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