Mindset to Hit Your Nutrition Goals

Flexible dieting in it’s more simplistic form is consuming the adequate amount of...
June 10, 2022
Mindset to Hit Your Nutrition Goals

Flexible dieting in it’s more simplistic form is consuming the adequate amount of carbohydrates, fats & proteins for your goals.  

But it can be so much more.

It's deciding to make your health a priority, to set a goal and to put in work to achieve it. To work through obstacles. To feel success. To know that you are in control of who you are + how you feel.

Helping people to move from a fixed to a growth mindset is an underlying theme of nutrition coaching at ANCHOR. This is not just about having ripped abs- this is gaining confidence in yourself, feeling good and being in control of you.

To succeed with making changes to your nutrition, first you must first adopt the right mindset.

Fixed Mindset

"Don't work too hard. Having to put forth effort means that you probably aren't good enough anyways. Don't show weakness. Avoid things that lead to failure. If you are faced with a challenge - make excuses, place blame on others - become a victim."

These are the inner musings of someone with a fixed mindset.

As long as you keep the status quo, you can accomplish anything you want easily. You never have to deal with constructive criticism because you never make a mistake - this is when you are happiest! No one dare point out a place where you can work on bettering yourself.

Think about someone in your life - a co-worker, family member, friend - someone who just always makes you feel less than. They go out of their way to complain, to make you feel like your goals are not possible, to take your accomplishments and do everything they can to take away your pride.

This person when receiving constructive criticism takes it as an attack, rather than for an opportunity to grow.

Hard work is avoided at all costs.

With a fixed mindset, individuals believe their inherent, basic qualities, like their athleticism, intelligence or talent are fixed and cannot be changed. They believe that they can do nothing to change their situation, and that the only way to be successful is for it to be innate.

This type of mindset almost always leads to lack of follow through.

Growth Mindset

"Learn. Implement. Be dedicated. Reflect. Address your mistakes. Be an active participant in your continued growth. Failure isn't a stopping point, it's merely an opportunity to re-route and try again."

With a growth mindset, individuals believe that even their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication, effort & hard work. They have a love for learning, and see failure as an opportunity rather than a dead-end.

Applying a growth mindset when tracking your macros means that you understand it's a learning curve, and requires your consistent effort. Working with a coach to track your macros means that consistent reflection on your active participation in the process is necessary. Mistakes will be made - but they will help you grow!

The beautiful thing about fixed vs. growth mindset is that it's your choice. All of your thoughts, the level of effort you put forth, and how hard you choose to work is all up to you to decide.

So, will you stay fixed, or will you grow?

In health,

Dr. Alli

PS if you’re ready to learn how to make real changes that fit your life we want to meet you



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