Meet ANCHOR yoga teacher: Annie Nelson

What was your relationship with fitness/yoga growing up?
June 10, 2022
Meet ANCHOR yoga teacher: Annie Nelson

What was your relationship with fitness/yoga growing up?


Whether it was outdoor play solo or with friends, an organized sport or dance, competition or recreational, growing up I was always active; learning to love moving my body and exerting energy. I loved then and I love now the way it makes me feel. I am forever grateful for the positive relationship I built with moving my body regularly and freely and will always encourage others to build the same love for movement with their littles (if they have them) and themselves.


What's it like teaching a class at ANCHOR?

Teaching yoga at Anchor is so much fun yet so grounding. It is a gift to give people a minute to themselves, potentially having a chance to change their perspective, which might lift some weight off of their shoulders finding comfort in their bodies and minds. Teaching people how to release tension through movement and breath is incredibility uplifting, it’s a gift we all have, it is simply a matter of channeling its use. 

What's your favourite inspirational quote?

‘Trust yourself. Trust the process. Move and think intentionally.’

-unknown author, maybe it’s me lol


How do you deal with self-doubt?

Self talk. As soon as I feel any form of self-doubt, I deliberately shift my self-talk. We are what we think, if we change doubt into confidence, imagine what we could accomplish.

How do you cultivate wellness in your own life?

I make space for grace.

I find a way to make time for self-care: exercise, cooking healthy meals, spending time with friends and family, filling up my cup before I fill up others. Self-care is not selfish, it’s necessary so I can keep on keeping on.


What advice do you have for other people who want a career in the fitness industry?

If you’ve wanted to do it, what is stopping you? Do it! I have had many say to me, ‘I’ve always wanted to become a yoga instructor’ or ‘I think about being an instructor regularly’. Be aware of where your mind wanders regularly; it’s speaking to you. It might change your life.


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