ANCHOR is taking all precautions to provide a clean, safe & disinfected environment for our patients.
June 10, 2022

ANCHOR COVID-19 policies & procedures

June 1, 2020


Doffing & donning mask:

Hand Hygiene:

ANCHOR is taking all precautions to provide a clean, safe & disinfected environment for our patients. ANCHOR staff & health care practitioners will be following all guidelines set out by Public Health and their governing bodies. They have completed additional training in Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC).


Our regulated health professionals are required to review and follow all directives from the Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario, the chief medical officer and other authoritative bodies. Additionally, ANCHOR has received infection control practices from Nurse Practitioners.

Disinfection & sanitization will be completed prior to opening.

Physical barriers will be installed where applicable.

In cases when physical distancing cannot be maintained, both ANCHOR staff, health professionals & clients will be required to wear a mask.

All staff will complete a daily self-screen prior to arrival.

All clinical team members will use appropriate PPE related to patient care, cleaning and all other activities within the ANCHOR facility.

High touch surface areas such as door knobs, light switches, countertops, screens, computer mouse, phones, keyboards will be cleaned & disinfected regularly.

All areas of patient contact will be sanitized and disinfected after patient use including treatment table, tools, exercise equipment, modalities etc.  The sign “this table has been disinfected & sanitized” will be placed on the table prior to the next patient arriving.  The head rest paper will be placed on the head rest at the beginning of the patient appointment.

Sanitation station available at entrance, and throughout facility.

Touchless administrative procedures will be used where possible including: tap payments, credit card on file, emailed receipts and re-booking emails.

POS cleaned after use.

All soft materials or difficult to clean surfaces have been removed.

Appointments will be booked so that physical distancing can be maintained.

All ANCHOR staff and clinical team have received education in proper hand hygiene and PPE use. All staff and clinic team will be required to perform proper hand hygiene, use of PPE upon entering and exiting the clinic treatment rooms and facility.

ANCHOR is required to report any suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19.

What clients should expect
All clients will receive a screening email prior to their appointment.

In the event your health status has changed, please notify the clinic.

Attend your appointment alone. Babies in car seats are welcome. Children receiving treatment can be accompanied by a parent.

Arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment.

Upon entrance to the facility you will be ask to utilize the sanitize station to disinfect your hands prior to treatment.

Washrooms are open for use. Use a papertowel to turn off the faucet, the lights and use the door. Discard your paper towel on the way out.

Washrooms will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

All clients over 2 years of age will be required to wear a mask at all times in the facility.

Please do not wear gloves. We will ask you to remove them upon entrance to the facility.

Upon arrival, clients will be instructed on where to wait for practitioner.

On completion of appointment, clients will be instructed to return to the front desk for contactless payment or in the treatment room with the practitioner.

Disinfect hands upon leaving ANCHOR.

Clinic responsibilities:

All staff will complete a self assessment prior to starting shift.

Reception staff will wear a mask if not behind a barrier.

Reception staff instructed on doffing/donning their mask.

Reception staff will disinfect high touch surfaces and common areas at the start and end of their shift and at regular intervals throughout their shift.


Practitioners are not employees of ANCHOR, however, they are required to follow our protocols when providing treatment at ANCHOR.

All practitioners must read & implement the guidelines from their governing bodies and Public Health.

Practitioners will be instructed on disinfecting requirements following every patient visit.

Practitioners will receive guidance for wearing and discarding mask appropriately.

Practitioners will change their clothing prior to leaving ANCHOR after treating patients.

All practitioners must wash their hands

Email with any questions


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