ANCHOR FAQS - answering your common questions

We’ve had some great questions over the past few weeks
June 10, 2022
ANCHOR FAQS - answering your common questions

Hey ANCHOR crew,

We’ve had some great questions over the past few weeks and we figured if one person was asking, that others were probably wondering as well! Here we go…

Does my monthly membership include RIDE?
Yes, any 4x, 8x, or UNLIMITED membership includes WOD & RIDE!

What is the no-show or cancellation policy?
A no-show is when you’ve reserved for class but don’t show up.
Our late cancellation window is 2h prior to class (this has changed to be more accommodating)

If you no-show or cancel within 2h before class, your card on file will be charged $20+hst.

If you are on a 5, 10 or 20 class pass, your class will be forfeited.

Can I cancel from one class and reserve another in the same day?
Yes, at this time you can do this without penalty.

Why do you have this policy?
We’ve had to create limited spots for each class to ensure your safety, capacity considerations and maintain physical distancing If you reserve a spot and don’t show up, it means that someone else wasn’t able to come to the workout that they wanted. This policy isn’t meant to be punitive, but to ensure everyone gets the workout that they want!

Do I have to wear my mask while I workout?
You are exempt from wearing a mask during the workout class. You will need to wear a mask if you are going from the gym to the clinic, or if you are in the front waiting area.

Can I pause my membership?
Our memberships auto-renew month to month, but you are not in a contract. We are unable to pause your membership mid-cycle. If you know that you’ll have an extended absence from ANCHOR, please submit in writing your request for your next billing cycle to be cancelled and the date to resume it.

Thanks for helping us be the safest place to exercise in town!

-ANCHOR team

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