Coach Alli here. 2018 has been a whirlwind year!
June 10, 2022


Coach Alli here. 2018 has been a whirlwind year!  Navigating my new role of mom alongside operating a gym, being a chiropractor and being a wife/daughter/sister/friend.  There’s been no more important year for my personal growth, and for understanding how I can continue to carry out my life’s mission - which is to create the biggest impact on the health and wellness of those around me. That’s YOU.

Honestly, every day I am so grateful for the opportunity you have given me. Putting your health into the hands of me and the ANCHOR team is profound. We reflect, review and invent new way to be as impactful each and every day.  I have never felt so confident in my ability and the ability of my team to carry this out.

Being able to work with you both in the gym or studio as well as clinically and even nutritionally… well, I feel like we are growing in all of the important pillars of building a health human: fitness, nutrition, bodywork & mindset.

You’ve noticed a change in the programming as of late. Over the past several months it’s been such a joy to watch people PR their lifts, hit their first HSPU, and climb the rope. Our focus going forward IS to continue to push you forward.  

The goal of ANCHOR has never and will never change: we want to build healthy, strong & resilient humans — for life.

That is: being able to be better in 10 years than you are right now.

Pushing off the nursing home 10 years.

Getting down on the floor at 65 with your grandkids without aches and pains.

Independence & mobility into your 80s.

The best way to build longevity looks a lot like Greg Glassman’s hierachy of fitness development (image).

That is - build the conditioning first, then layer on the strength & the skill. We can call this the “three headed monster.” Of the 3, the most important to build the best YOU is conditioning.
Hands down.

A well conditioned person has better overall bio markers every single time: lower body fat, lower fasting glucose, lower triglycerides, better hemoglobin, better aerobic capacity.

From here, we layer on the strength. At ANCHOR we love the barbell. There is nothing like the iron to shape your body - stronger ligaments and tendons, build lean tissue and the mental/emotional surge that comes from picking that weight UP! This week alone we snatched heavy, built to a heavy 3 rep deadlift, heavy presses and tomorrow we will clean & jerk, snatch and thruster…. HEAVY!

As an ANCHOR athlete, you have put your health in our hands. This is a role that we do not take lightly. Manipulating your heart rate, and providing a means for you to hit your health and fitness goals is our greatest mission in life. We want to spend the hour/a day we get with you not just reciting the workout off the board and sending you off on your way - we want to coach you towards your unique goals, to give you appropriate cues and to truly provide a platform for you to build the best version of you.

And you know what, we want to teach you as much about fitness & health as possible! To give you more fitness knowledge as an ANCHOR athlete, than the personal trainers down the road.

Beyond our CrossFit programming, I want to remind you that we LOVE it when you’re at the gym. Come early before class and stay late! Open gym is included in your monthly CrossFit/ membership free of charge! Ask a coach about what extra programming might look like for you.


Maybe you have an area you consider to be your weakness: your glutes, your core, your shoulder? I invite you to book in with a member of our clinical team who can assess you, and set you up for 1 on 1 sessions. This is typically covered by your extended health benefits and will be of great value to your continued development.

As always, our greatest mission is YOU. We welcome any and all opportunities to sit down with you and review your goals.

See you in the gym,

Coach Alli

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